Hattiesburg Senior Photography

Celebrating a huge milestone with the younger generation always makes us incredibly motivated. Our Hattiesburg Senior Photography sessions are some of the most fun we have while taking photos. Being able to speak with and learn from the younger generation is invaluable to both of us.

We try and dig a bit deeper than a couple photos in a pretty area. We want to know what our Seniors are all about, what they love, and how they want to be seen.

Our Hattiesburg Senior Photography sessions are print based, as we believe that these are some of the most important and memorable photos, just shy of wedding photos, that you can have of your children. They’ve just completed one of the biggest milestones in life to date. It’s time to celebrate!


Our Hattiesburg Senior Photography session fee is $300. This includes a styling guide, a makeup styling consultation with Jenn, and the photoshoot itself.

The average investment of our senior sessions is $1000.

We offer gallery quality, archival prints that will last a lifetime. This does come at a cost, but we find that it is 100% worth the investment. These images are timeless and unable to be replaced. While we believe our work speaks for itself, in terms of quality, we would absolutely love to speak with you!