The perfect wedding day timeline

Bride and Groom Arrive

0:00 - Photographers arrive and start photographing details (dress, shoes, something borrowed, blue, old,

new, invites, rings, bouquets, boutonnieres etc., grooms details as well, have these ready)

1:00 - Groom and Groomsmen arrive/need to be at venue and settled in (Groom to begin getting ready at

this time; no rush! You have an hour. Be sure to be dressed in everything except for your tie, jacket, shoes

and accessories)

1:00 - Start Photographing final touches on brides HAMU(Room needs to be picked up and ready for

photographers: this will save time; we will mock these images since HAMU will not be done at the church)

1:15 - Exchange gifts with bridesmaids and MOB

1:25 - Bridesmaids start getting dressed

1:30 - Bride gets into dress (MOB/whomever is helping bride get into dress needs to be fully dressed at this


2:00 - First Look with Father/gift

2:15 - Photograph Groom/Groomsman getting ready (make sure space is neat and in order this will save

time; Bride to touch up makeup if needed)

2:30 - Bride and Groom First Look/gift

2:45 - Bride and Groom portraits

3:00 - Bride with Bridesmaids Portraits

3:15 -Groom with Groomsman Portraits

3:45 - Immediate Family Portraits (all immediate family in the formal portrait list to be at venue by 3:00)

4:30 - Bride and Groom tucked away for Ceremony (Photographers prep and photograph any reception

decor ready)

Ceremony and Reception

5:30 - Ceremony

6:10 - Reception begins

6:25/6:30 - Bride and Groom Enter Reception


  • Bride and Groom First Dance

  • Father/Daughter Dance

  • Mother/Son Dance

6:45 - Dinner

7:30 - Cake cutting

7:45/8 - Garter, Bouquet Toss

This is a schedule for an 8 hour wedding day that we have come to find a solid foundation to start from.

We love playing with your shiny jewelry, amazing shoes, and finding somewhere perfect to hang your dress. The above schedule gives you plenty of time to get ready, a break before the ceremony, and some time after to recoup and breathe during the reception.

The one thing this timeline does not do is cover a shorter or longer day, obviously. We will work with you at a personal level to detail out your schedule if needed. While this schedule is a great one, nothing beats custom.

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