Ashlynn | Sumrall High School Senior Photos


Senior portraits are one of the most under-valued services we offer it seems. Let me explain.

Your children are accomplishing things every single day, of course, but completing high-school is one of those milestones that we cherish that much more than others. The path to a bright future, completing their own personal goals, and setting big dreams. High-school graduation is a new beginning for young adults. A clean slate, if you will.

Parents spend their hard earned money on both newborn and wedding photos, rightfully and thankfully so! These moments are of the same nature in our opinion, as high-school graduation. These all mark a new chapter, or beginning to a new life.

Ashlynn | class of 2019

Ashlynn found us through a family referral. Her mother was adamant of one thing - she wanted a leather album at the end of the shoot. We are forever excited to hear when parents want an album, or any physical copies of our photos.

We understand how exciting it can be to get digital photos back, share them on Instagram and Facebook for the world to “like” them. That excitement is tend fold when you get a black leather album with your name printed in gold foil on the cover.

It’s exclusive. It’s elegant. It’s something most younger adults have never experienced..

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Grant Hobgood