5 MUST HAVE items for brides on their wedding day!


A nice hanger for your wedding dress.

Hanging dress shots are all the rage right now, but there is one very easy way to spruce them up. With a small amount of forethought, a cute hanger with the word bride/groom twisted in wire below a dark wood brace could be used.

Lucky for you, we bring a hanger both for your dress, and the Groom’s jacket.

[TL:DR - This is your day, be extra and make sure you have a fancy coat hanger.]

Tide stick for accidents.

You’re going to be around food, family, friends, and kids. Accidents are bound to happen whether it be from makeup, lipstick, food, or dirty hands.

A Tide stick will save you in a lot of these situations, immediately and in the long run if you decide to save your dress for the future.

Allergy and pain relief medicine.

Need we say more?? When you’re exhausted and frustrated, a Tylenol is a life saver.

Duct tape and Dress Tape

Okay, so maybe they don’t exactly go together, but they both hold things together when you’re desperate.

Dress tape (or fashion tape) is pretty self-telling, if you need a slight adjustment to get through the ceremony - this will get you going. Be it a strapless dress you need to bring up just a bit for comfort, or to keep your Groom’s belt from bouncing around all day, there are plenty of uses for fashion tape.

Grant HobgoodComment