Hattiesburg Wedding Photography


We're honored to be considered for one of the most important roles of your wedding. If you'd like to email us directly, rather than filling out the form, you can do so here.

LOCAL Wedding Packages

Starting at $1800

Our definition of local means that we can make it back home to our corgis and cats the same day of your wedding day. On average, that’s about a 200 mile drive one way from Hattiesburg, MS.

National wedding packages

Starting at $2500

National means national, but really - this means global as well. We will work almost anywhere that you can dream of.

Except, maybe not during a blizzard. But maybe…


Wedding F.A.Q.


+ You make us look like rock stars? How do you do that?

We like to act like touring photographers for our favorite bands. Whether we are creating images that make you feel like your on stage performing, or candid moments between the excitement, we do our best to cover your day in the most honest way possible.

+ Do you always use flash?

Simply put - no. We use flash when it adds to the images!

We using lighting in situations that need lighting. We do everything we can to not use flash during your ceremony. Our cameras are professional level cameras, allowing us to forego flash during most ceremonies.

We love using flash during your formals if it fits the vibe of your day, and we typically use flash during your reception. Being able to freeze your best dance moves is important for bragging later, and flash makes that possible.

+ How long after the wedding will we receive images?

Our turnaround time is 6 weeks. We do our best to deliver images before the full 6 weeks, but enjoy your honeymoon! We have you covered!

+ How many photos will we receive?

You can expect to receive 25 per hour of coverage if your package includes a single photographer. If your package includes a second, you can expect 35 per hour.

+ Do you edit all of our photos?

Every photo that you receive will be edited to match our style of work that you see on our site. This includes color correction and light blemish removal. Our style of photography is true to yourself and your day.

We do not "photoshop" your photos. Our clients are gorgeous just the way they are. Our "retouching" is minimal and is kept to removing distracting elements from the scene, such as street signs and/or stray hairs.

+ How will you deliver our images?

We use an online gallery delivery system. Your files will live there for a minimum of 6 months, but we keep your files on hard drives for at least 12 months. These galleries are private, and allow you to download your full resolution files as well as order prints.

+ What if we, or our family, want prints??

We love when clients order prints! Our online delivery is linked with a professional print house that we love way too much. They're amazing. Simply order prints through your gallery and you are good to go!

+ How far in advance should we book?

Ideally you want to book 6 months away from your wedding or earlier. This gives you better odds that we are available.

+ What type of camera gear do you use?

Our camera gear is some of the best in the industry. This allows us to work in any venue and capture amazing photos. We also have 2 memory cards in each camera, offering redundency for file safety during your wedding.

+ Do you offer drone photography?

While we would love to be an all inclusive photography service, we like our cameras to stay firmly on the ground with us. That unfortunately means we do not offer any aerial images of your day.

+ How does payment work?

Cash is king, but cards are just as welcome!

We ask for a 50% retainer on the day you sign and return your contract. This retainer allows us to secure your date and remove it from our calendar. Nothing else but your wedding will happen that day.

The reamining balance is due 2 weeks prior to your wedding. We operate this way simply to ease your mind on your wedding day. There is no need to worry about finances when you should be worry free!

+ What if you fall sick and can't make the wedding?

This is our literal worst nightmare. We will work through almost anything and create images you love. BUT - if we cannot make it and our nightmare becomes reality - we do have options. We know plenty of wonderful photographers we can call in for your day. We will only ask this of people we trust 100% and know can deliver work equal to ours.

The other option, is an swift and complete refund.

+ Are your wedding packages flexible?

Yes. The starting price listed above is just that. A starting price. When you contact us, we will give you options for amount of coverage, a scond photographer, and whether or not you will need an engagement shoot. All of these are part of how we price our packages